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Dr. Youssef (Joe) Habib is an experimental physicist with a PhD from MIT, and an experienced entrepreneur who is passionate about renewable energy and environmental sustainability. He founded Habib Technologies to bring innovative designs and a comprehensive approach to engineering sustainable solar power systems. The company is focused on deployment of complete renewable energy resources for grid-tied, off-grid, and micro-grid applications utilizing solar power with battery storage. Building on 25 years of corporate experience developing nanomaterials and products for energy conversion, Dr. Habib is seeking to bring innovation and excellence to community solar. His extensive startup expertise as founder and CEO of Aquaneers Inc. and Illuminex Corporation positions Dr. Habib to tackle the complexities of designing, financing, and implementing community solar distributed energy systems.

Innovation and IP

Innovation and knowing how and when to protect intellectual property are important at Habib Technologies. The company holds two issued US Patents (10,782,014 and 7,713,849) on producing and using nanomaterials for optical energy capture and conversion, with a third US application (62/809,866) pending. The company seeks to leverage its experience and knowhow with invention and securing IP as part of its strategy in pursuing innovative green energy technologies.

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